Pearcys Martial Arts DEMO TEAM

The above video is of our Xtreme Demo Team.

Our demo team is composed of an elite group of members from both locations who train to be the best of the best. XMA students are also known for using high energy music during their performances. For a list of very cool songs, CLICK HERE.

Want to join our Demo Team for the season? First, you must be a member of the Leadership program. While all students are welcome to participate in our regular demonstrations, the Demo Team are the ones that perform the exciting weapons demonstrations with high energy music and do board breaking at our events. Our Demo Team also occasionally performs special choreographed routines at yearly Open House events as well. Being a part of the Demo Team WILL require you to spend time other than normal classes working on such material. We do have a list of physical requirements that must be met before joining the demo team as well, as listed below:

Student must first be a Leadership member before they can join the demo team.

Generally, demo practice will be during Leadership class, but occasionally for extra preparation, demo team members will need to attend special demo team practices on other nights.

Demo team members may need to purchase seperate special demo team uniforms for performances. White shoes are also needed for many outdoor performances.

In order to perform a particular weapon, students should take seminars in that weapon. Experience in a particular weapon is needed beyond what is learned in Black Belt Club or Leadership alone.

For added experience in Taekwondo, we’d also like for demo team members to participate in all regional tournaments.

Students that join the demo team must maintain acceptable grade levels in school.

Before joining the demo team, students must first be able to perform several physical requirements.

Vertical strength: jump front kicks at hand reach height

Conditioning: 100 jump kicks in 100 seconds, 100 punches in 25 seconds

Balance & Power: 360 degree jump round & side kick board break

Demo team members must attend demo performances during the peak season in order to stay on the demo team.

Demo team members must meet minimum class time requirements as well. Twelve classes are required every graduation cycle, which means 3 classes every 2 weeks are needed to stay on track.

All adult instructors on the CIT program must be present for scheduled teaching days and staff training days.

Demo team members must actively participate in Xtreme and Creative events and develop their very own form for weapons or traditional Taekwondo too!