Color clips:
Earn 1 for each week you bring in a Taekwondo Weekly Report Card.
Earn 1 for each "A" on a report card, or highest equivalent grade.
Earn 1 for each special event you participate in, such as Tournaments, Demos, Parades.
Earn 1 clip for doing something good in class. Stand like black belt, yes sir, loud yells.
Earn 1 clip if you are a Jr Leader and help with a color belt class.
*worth 1 clip each*

Gold Clips:
To decrease the # of clips on your belt, you can trade in 5 regular clips for 1 gold clip.
*worth 5 clips each*

Once a student has accumulated enough clips, they may trade them in for prizes. Different prizes will require different amounts of clips to earn them.

Mrs. Pearcy first began at Pearcys Taekwondo in 1992 when she was just 9 years old (then Ms. Zidek), and achieved her first degree black belt in 1994. She became a second degree black belt in 1996, and then went on to become a junior leader and assisted in teaching Taekwondo classes. In 1999, Mrs. Pearcy had completed all of the requirements for her present rank to test for 3rd degree black belt. She continued teaching Taekwondo in addition to her own training, and won the title of State Champion in Weapons and Sparring in 2001. Through much hard work and dedication, in 2002, Mrs. Pearcy had passed all required tests in order to become a Nationally Certified Instructor. She also won the title of State Champion in Sparring 2002 as well. In 2005, she made the next big step to becoming a 4th degree black, and is now the Chief Instructor at Pearcys Taekwondo. Mrs. Pearcy has traveled all over the country in order to learn Taekwondo and various weapons, including nunchakus and bo staff, to bring this knowledge to Pearcys Taekwondo.

Mr. Pearcy first began Taekwondo under the instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Newberry in 1990 when he was just 7 years old. Mr. Pearcy achieved his first degree black belt in 1992, his second degree black belt in 1994, and then his third degree black belt in 1997. He comes from an entire family of third and forth degree black belts and began assisting in teaching Taekwondo at the age of 12. In 2002, Mr. Pearcy became a Nationally Certified Instructor and is now the Program Director at Pearcys Taekwondo. He is also very knowledgeable in sparring and self defense tactics, as well as gun and knife defense. Mr. Pearcy is also responsible for most of the choreography that is seen at demonstrations done by Pearcys Taekwondo. He has also accomplished great physical feats such as breaking 7 boards simultaneously with a single kick and doing a jump flying sidekick board break over 12 people. Over the years, Mr. Pearcy has developed over 160 different types of advanced kicking techniques that make Pearcys Taekwondo stand apart from all other martial arts. He is also the creator of the Glow Weapons products, which are distributed to martial arts schools all over the country through

With safety always being a priority, there are two rules for our facility pertaining to dropping off your child.
We will require that parents come into the building to drop off their children, as well as come in the door to pick them up.
For non-members of our school, parents are required to stay for the entire duration of a class.

Pearcys Taekwondo has always had the policy of trying to keep your fees as low as possible as a courtesy to you. Many other schools in charge at least twice as much for monthly tuition. We currently have some of the lowest class fees and graduation fees in the nation. But as with all things, including insurance, maintenance, natural gas, and electric costs all continue to rise in price. Through your help in supporting Pearcys Taekwondo in all aspects including merchandise, we can keep everyones cost down.

Our method of accepting monthly tuition is by electronic debit, which is an automated system, and can be used with checking or savings accounts. The monthly tuition will be automatically withdrawn for the designated amount of payments on the declared day. This type of payment is required for monthly tuitions. This includes monthly classes, all graduations, required weapons training equipment, sparring gear, yearly dues, enrollment, and any other required equipment that you get to take home too. The only items not included are optional things such as tournaments, seminars, extra merchandise, birthday parties, etc. All special seminars and graduations must be paid by the given date in order to attend these events. And while we can obtain almost any type of martial arts item you will need, all special order items must be paid in full before the item will be ordered for you.


Classroom Conduct
Always stop and bow towards the workout floor each time you enter or leave the classroom as a sign of respect.
If you are late for class, you should bow and then stand with your feet together and one hand raised waiting for the instructor to notice you. Then you will ask permission to join the class.
Hands and feet are to be kept to yourself at all times, and pushing, shoving, kicking other students will not be tolerated.
Always use the restroom before or after class, only during class if it is an emergency.
Always answer only �Yes sir� or �Yes mam� when the instructor is talking and address the instructor as Mr., Mrs., or Ms. (Example: Mrs. Pearcy, Mr. Pearcy, etc)
Avoid talking to others when the instructor is talking.
If you have a question or need help, you are to raise your hand until the instructor calls on you. Always pay close attention during class so that you will not have to ask for something to be repeated.
The senior student is the one who achieved the rank first and will lead the class during bow in and the oath.
No student, regardless of rank or age, is allowed to correct or help any other student without the instructor�s permission and should never correct an instructor.
If you are in the room or in a room near when the oath is stated, you must stand and recite the oath whether you are in or out of uniform at the time.
Always greet high-ranking visitors with respect during class.

Personal Conduct
Your personal appearance in class is a reflection of your pride, therefore always come to class with a clean uniform.
Hair should be short or pulled back, no headbands or sweatbands are to be worn.
Use of profanity will not be tolerated in the school or at any other martial arts function. Smoking and drinking alcohol is prohibited in uniform inside or outside the Taekwondo School.
Shoes, socks, watches or jewelry, besides wedding rings, are not allowed to be worn during class.
Women must wear a white T-shirt under their uniform and men are allowed to at their choice. T-shirts must be plain white though.
If you are to wear anything other than your uniform for Fun Nights or Special Clinics, you must wear sweatpants, T-shirt, and belt. No shorts or jeans allowed in class.
If you have to fix your uniform, always turn away from the instructor to show respect.
Permission of chief instructor is required before a student may enter or attend any other martial arts school.
Always remember to come to class with a positive mental attitude and enthusiasm and leave your worries at the door before you enter so that you can get the most of out of your training here at Pearcys Evolution Martial Arts.
Parents are required to stay during an entire class if the child is not a member of our school.

Secret #1: Black Belt Parents never interact with their children during class. They realize that watching a martial arts class is just like observing their child in regular school, and the instructor is the only person in charge. Interrupting or interacting with their child would be disrespectful to the instructor and distracting to all of the students. Please refrain from all interaction unless asked by the instructor to do so.

Secret #2: Black Belt Parents always bring something quiet to do during their childs class. They know that talking is disruptive to the class and to the other parents who are reading or working quietly. If Black Belt Parents want to socialize, they go outside until the class period is over. Parents and guests watch and wait in the lobby area only. Black Belt Parents do not stand or wait by the door, front counter, or in the hallways.

Secret #3: Black Belt Parents always keep their future black belts and tiny tigers-to-be (ages 0 and up), under control, off of the workout floor, and quiet during older siblings classes. Crying, screaming, or rowdy children can be a major distraction to class. Black Belt Parents know this and always take overly enthusiastic little ones outside.

Secret #4: Black Belt Parents realize that the Martial Arts School is not a daycare center, so they drop off and pick up their children promptly. They realize that the staff cannot be responsible for their children left unattended before or after classes. If a child MUST unavoidably be left for extra time, Black Belt Parents always alert the staff and will make sure that their child knows where to sit quietly and wait.

Secret #5: Black Belt Parents know and faithfully practice all school rules and policies. They follow them and enforce these rules with their children. When mom and dad follow the school rules and regulations, then their child is more likely to follow their example. This starts at the front door, where everyone is to bow and greet instructors when entering and leaving.

Secret #6: Black Belt Parents pay attention to what their children are learning in class and reinforce their positive behavior at home. They realize that as parents, they are an important part of the martial arts schools team, and help their children to improve by working with the instructors and staying informed.

Secret #7: Black Belt Parents know that their child is an individual who will progress at their own rate. They never compare a child to their sibling or other students. They encourage and support each childs progress, including others and their own, and help them to set and achieve realistic goals.

Secret #8: Black Belt Parents remember why their child started martial arts in the first place, not to just memorize forms, but to improve themselves as people. So, Black Belt Parents are never harsh or pushy with instructors about how fast their child is learning. Black Belt Parents know that memorizing is not necessary or important. They take a moment and see how their child is improving as a whole person, realizing that rank graduation is just a part of the big picture.

Secret #9: Black Belt Parents know that if they have a problem or concern about their childs training, progress, or about the school, they should go directly to the instructor, not to other parents. Black Belt Parents never start or spread gossip. In fact, they do their best to stamp it out.

Secret #10: Black Belt Parents are encouraging to all of the students in the school during class, testing, and demonstrations. They know that through their example, their children will also learn to encourage and support everyone in the martial arts school.

Secret #11: Black Belt Parents always make sure that they and their children show extra respect and courtesy when attending tournaments and other martial arts functions. They especially avoid confrontations with judges and other parents. Showing respect and courtesy is a great way to teach their children how to be good sports, whether they win or lose. If they do have a concern, they respectfully take it directly to the tournament director or to an event staff member.

Secret #12: Black Belt Parents will always help their children set goals both in and out of martial arts. Black Belt Parents sit down and plan out goals with their children for martial arts and in life. These Black Belt Parents know that goal setting will help their children develop the perseverance and self-discipline needed to stick to commitments and achieve great personal success.

There are 9 colored belts that you will go through on your way to black belt. Every 8 weeks a graduation will be held that will allow you to graduate to the next rank. As a white belt, before graduation, you must be able to demonstrate the material you have learned in class. There are no minimum class times required as a white belt in order to graduate to the next belt, the orange belt. And as many students are often nervous about attending their first graduation, we do not require that they actually have to attend the graduation in order to get their next belt. Once you are an orange belt, you will need to attend 12 classes during the cycle in order to graduate to the next rank. As you work your way through each of the belt ranks, you will learn new forms, one-steps, and techniques. The order of the belts you will go through is as follows:

Brown Recommended
Brown Decided
Red Recommended
Red Decided
Recommended Black
1st Degree Black Belt

And of course the journey does not end once you reach black belt. It has only begun, as there is much more to learn, and increasing ranks of black belt.

Each graduation cycle will be 8 weeks long, in which time you will learn all of the required material for the next graduation. About half way through the cycle, you will receive a mid-term checkpoint, which will show your current progress during the cycle. If you would want extra help outside of class, you will be able to schedule 30-minute private lessons one-on-one with your instructor to get caught up.

Within a week of graduation, a pre-testing will be held that the instructor will evaluate what you have learned, just to make sure you are ready to graduate. Most of the time, if you have practiced outside of class and know your material, you will graduate. But of course there may be a graduation you will have to miss if you are not yet prepared for it. This does not mean you have failed. It simply means that more practice is required before graduating to the next rank. We only let students test that have met the criteria that we require before graduation to insure they are ready.

On graduation day, you will attend the graduation, perform the Taekwondo form and one-steps that you have learned, or free spar if you are camo belt and above. Purple belts and above must complete the board breaks required of their rank in class. Recommended black belts and above must complete the board breaks at the graduation. All black belts must be present on their actual mid-term or testing days. Colored belts are allowed to miss up to 2 graduations along their way to black belt if circumstances do not allow them to be there on that day. In this case, your pre-testing will be counted as your graduation, and your belt will be presented to you in the next regular class that you attend. On the normal graduation day, you will be able to bring all of your family and friends to watch you show off the Taekwondo material you have learned. And at the end of the graduation, you will receive your next belt!

Tiny Tigers have a slightly different graduation process in that they only learn half of the Taekwondo forms at a time. They begin as a white belt, then advance to white belt with an orange stripe. They will then progress thru all Tiny Tiger belts with stripes, all the way thru Tiny Tiger black belt, which is a white belt with a black stripe. Once they have achieved the Tiny Tiger black belt, or turn 7 years old, they will transition into the next class, where they will begin their next Taekwondo journey, going thru the full color belts. Also, as Tiny Tigers, they will perform the material with instructor assistance of course, in classes and at graduations. So they will not have to memorize it all on their own. Tiny Tigers must demonstrate the most important qualities that we look for at this age. They must be able to listen, pay attention, follow directions, and have a great attitude.

GRADUATION FEES (included with the All-Inclusive Programs)
Tiny Tigers
Striped belt testing for 4-6 year olds.
no cost
White-Red Belts
Every 8 weeks, 10 tests total.
no cost
1st Degree Black Belt Recommended
Part 1 of testing for Black Belt.
no cost
1st Degree Black Belt Decided
Part 2 of testing for Black Belt.
no cost

1st DEGREE BLACK BELT Testing Schedule
2x Mid-Terms
4-month intervals, 28 class minimum, 14 per cycle, 480 pts needed.
no cost
2nd Degree Black Belt Recommended
no cost
2nd Degree Black Belt Decided
no cost

5x Mid-Terms
4-month intervals, 28 class minimum, 14 per cycle, 720 pts needed.
no cost
3rd Degree Black Belt Decided
Must be a Leadership member.
no cost

BLACK BELT TESTINGS (included with the All-Inclusive Programs)
Once you are a black belt, you will not be doing normal graduations every 2 months. Instead, 1st Degree Black Belts must do a total of 2x mid-terms every 4 months before being able to test to 2BR black belt, and then 2BD black belt. For 2nd Degree Black Belts, they do 5x mid-terms every 4 months before being able to test to 3BD. For the 4 months prior to a black belt doing a mid-term, they must have a total of 24 classes, and a minimum of 12 classes for the 2 cycles prior to. Each 4 month cycle consists of a 1st and 2nd half. For the 1st half, black belts will work on the first half of the form and weapons form. For the 2nd half of the cycle, they will perfect the second half of the black belt form and weapons form. 1st Degrees will also work on past forms, but only 2nd Degrees will be required to memorize and perform the past forms at their midterm. Black belts will not perform just the 1st or 2nd half of their material, but will perform the ENTIRE form and weapons form. So they must keep up on the other half that is not currently being focused on in class at the point in time in which the midterm is held.

Whether you have missed classes and want some personal training to get caught up, or if you would like extra help outside of the normal class, you can schedule 30-minute private lessons one-on-one with your instructor. Black Belt Club and Leadership discounts also apply to the private lessons, which you will receive a punch card for. After your 6th private lessons, you will receive a free one! Private lessons can assist you in preparing for graduations or tournaments in forms, one-steps, or weapons. All private lessons must be paid for at least 1 day in advance and are only refundable if we are given notice that you need to cancel the day before your scheduled private lesson.

This is your chance to bring your instructor to your school classroom and share Taekwondo with other students! This is a special day that you will get to be your instructors very own personal assistant in demonstrating listening skills such as answering Yes Maam/Sir as well as certain blocks and kicks. You will also get to demonstrate your own Taekwondo skills through forms, weapons, and board breaking. Through Taekwondo, you can help your classmates make good decisions and understand that fighting is wrong and that Taekwondo can help in defense against strangers that try to hurt them. Most importantly, you get the chance to help change other students lives through Taekwondo. Show and tells are a great way to show off leadership skills outside of Pearcys Taekwondo.

We offer a tremendous variety of training in weapons and self-defense. Once a month, special weapons, self-defense seminars, or other classes may be offered for an additional fee. Pricing may be from $20-$39 per class with weapons included. These include our special Glow Weapons classes too!
All actual weapons are sold separately from the actual seminar, to which your discounts also apply. Most seminars are 1 hour in length, packed with lots of info and training. There are two levels of each type of weapons or self-defense seminar. In some cases, level one might be a single weapon, and then level two double weapons. In other cases, level two might also be more advanced techniques that builds upon the level one techniques. As long as you have the required weapons, you may take both level one and two in the same night. Some of the seminars are also marked available to public, which means that you do not have to be in Taekwondo in order to attend it. So bring family and friends!

Learn how to become better both offensively and defensively in sparring in this special sparring only seminar. You�ll learn some of the best moves in order to score points in sparring that are used by world champions. Level two has even more advanced moves!
Rank Requirement: camo +
Age Requirement: none

Board Breaking
This special board breaking seminar is designed to teach you all of the tips and tricks of breaking boards that will make you become a better board breaker. You will also learn how to properly hold for all board breaking techniques. If you like breaking boards, this is the seminar for you. And take level two for even more techniques.
Rank Requirement: none
Age Requirement: 7 +

Bo Staff
This is one of the largest weapons you will receive training in here at Pearcy�s Taekwondo. The Bo Staff is a solid wood stick that ranges from 4 to 6 feet in length. The right size depends on your own height. In level one, you will learn mid-range techniques of bo staff. In level two, you will learn the long-range techniques that can be done with the bo staff. This is wide clearing strikes that will give you the most effective range out of the weapon.
Rank Requirement: none
Age Requirement: none
Korean Name: Jahng Bahng

Single Stick
Learn one of the simplest, yet most effective types of weapons used in martial arts. The single stick is 25-28 inches in length and can yield great power in striking or blocking when used properly. Level one is offered with training in a single stick, and level two you will learn how to use two sticks at once!
Rank Requirement: none
Age Requirement: 7 +
Korean Name: Bahng Mahng Ee

Gun & Knife Defense
Learn to defend yourself against the most common gun and knife attacks with this seminar. We show you techniques that work and keep you safe. This is a public seminar, so anyone is welcome to attend. In level two, we dive into even more defensive techniques against gun and knife attacks.
Rank Requirement: available to public
Age Requirement: 7 +

Nunchakus is one of the most popular weapons in martial arts. Two sticks approximately 12 inches in length are connected with a string or chain. These weapons, when properly handled, have amazing speed and can yield the power of a shotgun. Learn how to use single nunchakus in level one, and learn how to use double nunchakus in level two.
Rank Requirement: none
Age Requirement: none
Korean Name: Ssahng Jeol Bahng

Learn how to use the only legally concealable weapon in the state of Illinois. Its only six inches long and can fit on your keychain, but is the ultimate weapon in pain compliance against an attacker. Learn even more ways to manipulate an attacker using the Yawara in level two. This is available to the public, so anyone may attend.
Rank Requirement: none, available to public
Age Requirement: 7 +

The kama is a very unique weapon which is a handle with a curved blade perpendicular to the end of the handle. The kama utilizes unique striking techniques that you will learn with a single kama in level one. Learn how to impressively handle double kamas in the level two seminar.
Rank Requirement: none
Age Requirement: none
Korean Name: Ssang Knats

One of the most ancient and widely used weapons in martial arts history, the sword is also available at Pearcy�s Taekwondo. Learn the secrets and techniques of the sword in level one and then learn even more advanced techniques in level two.
Rank Requirement: none
Age Requirement: none

An ancient weapon with unknown origin is the Sai. Equipped with two prongs designed specifically for blocking and other unique techniques, the Sai is an extraordinary weapon. Learn how to use two Sais simultaneously in level two.
Rank Requirement: none
Age Requirement: none

Pressure Points
Throughout the body there are various nerves that can temporarily stun or disable and attacker. Learn the key points on the body and how to use them to your advantage in level one. In level two, you will learn even more pressure points and ways to stun and disable an attacker.
Rank Requirement: none, available to public
Age Requirement: 7 +

Ground Fighting
Since the majority of fights wind up on the ground, everyone should know how to defend themselves from the ground. Two levels of ground fighting are packed with everything you need to know about how to defend yourself on the ground. Seminar is available publicly to anyone.
Rank Requirement: none, available to public
Age Requirement: 7 +

Joint Locks
Certain joints only bend certain ways, which can be used to your advantage in trying to defend yourself. Two levels of advanced joint locks are available to the public.
Rank Requirement: none, available to public
Age Requirement: 7 +

Real Encounters
This seminar covers some of the most common types of unarmed attacks that you will encounter. Learn how to free yourself from any type of hold in these two levels of Real Encounters. These seminars are available to the public.
Rank Requirement: none, available to public
Age Requirement: 7 +

Improv Weapons
Obviously in a real situation you will not be carrying typical martial arts weapons if ever attacked, but you can certainly learn how to turn surrounding objects and your environment into a weapon in these two levels of action packed Improv Weapons seminars. You do not have to be a member of Taekwondo in order to take these seminars.
Rank Requirement: none, available to public
Age Requirement: none

Glow Weapons
These are a set of various weapons actually developed by Mr. Pearcy of Pearcy�s Taekwondo for use in special Glow Weapons Parties in the dark, in which the weapons themselves actually light up! We currently offer Glow Weapons in the following types: Nunchakus, Light Sabers, Bo Staffs, Escrima Sticks, Kamas.
Rank Requirement: none
Age Requirement: none

Participating in Taekwondo tournaments is a great way to meet new friends of the same rank and age that are also in Taekwondo all over the country. All Tiny Tigers will have assistance on their form, and will all receive a first place trophy! All other competing members will compete for first, second, and third place in forms, weapons, and one-step sparring. Any student under the age of 16 will always receive a competitor trophy even if they do not place in the top three in their division.

Tournaments are held every so many months around the region, which you are able to go and compete in. Many tournaments will be within distance that you will be able to go to the tournament, compete and be back home the same day, while other times you can make a mini-vacation out of it and stay in a hotel with a pool!

Before the tournament, you will be able to get an estimated staging time for your division to begin. You will of course want to plan on being there early, as this is only a guideline. But this allows you to go only for the time required to compete in the tournament. However, many will choose to stay for an entire day to experience the entire tournament. Its a lot of fun watching the black belt divisions! Also remember that if youd like some one-on-one time with your instructor, private lessons are an excellent way to have an edge before competing in a tournament!

Tournament Schedule
Tournament Rules

How would you like to have your next birthday party here? You can actually host your entire themed birthday party with games, decorations, and drinks, all right here at Pearcys Taekwondo!

We offer themed parties such as Nerf, Bumper Balls, & Ninja Warrior. CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR PARTY NOW!

Pearcys Evolution Martial Arts will offer many chances for you to show off your Taekwondo skills publicly at demonstrations around the area, as well as parades. You are of course not required to attend any of these events, but its highly recommended because we have a lot of fun at them! We use these types of events to showcase your skills and set an example of what any average person can do in martial arts with practice.

Members of the Leadership Program will also be able to become a part of the Pearcys Taekwondo Demo Team, which puts on special choreographed demonstrations with weapons, extreme kicks, music, board breaking, and more! Members of this team are able to wear a completely different and unique uniform for these events, of which you will see when you attend some of these events.

If you know you have something coming up that may prevent you from being able to attend regular classes, with permission from Pearcys Taekwondo, you will be allowed to make these up either before or after your missed classes. This includes sports, family emergencies, and illnesses.

Pearcys Taekwondo is not a seasonal sport and offers classes year round. One exception is some holidays, which you will be given notice of. The only other exception that may prevent us from having class would be heavy snow storm or ice. In this event, we will post on our website and email you updates on cancellations after 3pm.

Your class schedule will depend on what age group, rank, and program you are enrolled in. If you are unable to attend a class, you will be allowed to make up your class on a different day at no charge. Just contact us about what additional day or time is available for you. But you also have the option of scheduling a private lesson in order to get more personal instruction time.